How would you start a trampoline park business?

Nowadays, the trampoline park equipment are quite popular in the world. In the past, the trampoline playground was a paradise for children! But now, the trampoline park is not only suitable for kids, but also adults. Thus, there is a trend of mobile trampolines all over the world. You can easily find trampoline bungee and other trampoline equipment in parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, playgrounds, kindergartens, fitness clubs, schools and other places. However, the indoor trampoline park is still very rare. Many people seek for an indoor entertainment playground or outdoor playground trampoline fairground to have fun in weekends or carnivals. Therefore, the existing market has great demands for commercial trampoline playground.

Start You Business in Trampoline Playground
Buy Trampoline Playground from Dinis to Build An Indoor or Outdoor Trampoline Park at Low Costs

Trampoline park equipment manufacturer, Dinis

There are various suppliers of mobile trampolines at home and abroad. Dinis Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional trampoline equipment manufacturer and seller in China. As a top export company, it has exported various trampoline for sale to the whole world, including South America, Africa, North America, etc. In terms of materials, Dinis adopts high-quality galvanized steel, spring and PVC materials to guarantee the product quality. Besides, Dinis can provide customized services according to the specific requirements of customers, including the size and appearance. In this way, you can personally design the products you want. To sum up, Dinis is worthy of consideration when you want to buy trampoline park play equipment.

Buy Trampoline Rides from Dinis Trampoline Park Equipment Manufacturer
Buy Trampoline Rides from Dinis Trampoline Park Equipment Manufacturer

Indoor trampoline playground for sale in Dinis

As a professional trampoline playground rides manufacturer, Dinis has various types of indoor trampoline park equipment for sale.

Bungee trampoline for sale in Dinis

People also call it trampoline bungee or mobile bungee. It is a kind of sport and entertainment equipment in amusement parks, theme parks, trampoline parks, parks and shopping malls. It is especially for children. Players can jump in the high altitude of 4 meters and make a variety of movements in the height. In structure, it consists of a jumping bed, a pair of elastic cords and some supporting columns. Dinis is a commercial bungee trampoline dealer. The bungee trampoline for sale in Dinis is safe and reliable. While taking the carnival equipment bungee trampoline, kids will feel like flying in the air. They will feel great fun and joy. Where to buy bungee trampolines for sale? Dinis is a reliable bungee trampoline manufacturer for you!

Playground Bungee Trampoline for Sale in Dinis
Playground Bungee Trampoline for Sale from Dinis Commercial Bungee Trampoline Dealer

Big trampoline with foam pit for sale in Dinis

Different from other trampoline playground equipment, it has a foam pit. The foam pad material is EPE material and the whole trampoline pad is PVC materials. Thus, it can guarantee the safety of players. Both children and adults can play and jump as they want. Besides, there are jumping mats for players. Generally, players can play for several hours. Currently, it is a popular park ride part.

Of course, there are also different models of trampoline playgrounds rides in Dinis. Buy indoor trampoline rides from Dinis!

Big Trampoline with Foam Pit for Sale in Dinis
Big Trampoline with Foam Pit in Trampoline Park for Sale in Dinis Factory

Why are trampoline park rides popular?

For a large number of people, the trampoline subconsciously stays in their childhood and the trampoline rides are only suitable for children. In fact, it is a big mistake. In recent years, the trampoline is not only a sport for children. It has become a sports and entertainment way for all the people. Thus, why is it so popular?

Simple entertainment way

You don’t need any technique or skill for trampoline ride. What you need is just jumping! But the simple entertainment way can bring unimaginable happiness. Besides, due to its simplicity, the people almost at all ages can enter the trampoline playground to have fun.

Trampoline Indoor Playground for Sale in Dinis
A Trampoline Park with Indoor Trampoline Playground Rides Can Make Great Profits for Business

Immeasurable health benefits

The trampoline ride has a unique role in promoting players’ balance, coordination and flexibility, and responsiveness. And the impact of trampoline exercise is small, so players can consume a lot of heat! It is always a piece of good news for ladies. Besides, for officer workers, the inflatable trampoline can help to relief their pressure and improve their mood. Moreover, on the trampoline rides, the large jumping movement can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids and improve the body’s immunity, thus preventing and reducing the disease.

Great safety

For parents, maybe the trampoline park is the optimal amusement place. With the protective net, children have no safety risks. The elasticity of trampoline rides are appropriate for kids. Besides, the entertainment way fit the instinct of children. Kids love jumping, running and playing. Parents can accompany with their kids. In the process, the distance between parents and children will also be narrow. Thus, trampoline playground is also a family fun center ride.

Indoor Playground Ride Available in Dinis
Start A Trampoline Playground Business from Kids Indoor Trampoline Equipment

Are trampolines with enclosure safe for children?

Dinis produces funfair square trampolines for sale for a long period of time. In production, Dinis adopts high-quality materials, so the mobile products are durable, anti-toxic and environmentally friendly. Then the workers with rich experience could further guarantee the quality of trampoline amusement products.

There are big and small trampolines with net in the company. The trampoline net can effectively intercept children from jumping outside, thus protecting the safety of kids. On the other hand, the trampoline net can also relieve the psychological pressure of the children who are afraid. In trampoline parks, there are special round trampoline pads to realize the jumping effects. On the round trampoline mats, players can jump freely. You can never worry about the safety problem.

Safe Trampoline Playgrounds with Net for Sale
Safe Trampoline Playgrounds with Net for A Trampoline Park Business

The Components of Big Trampolines for Sale

An amusement big trampoline for sale usually has the following components:

  • Free Bouncing Area: it is also known as the main jumping area. The area consists of trampoline and sponge pool. Players can rotate 360 degrees and jump into the sponge pool.
  • Basketball Zone: under the function of the trampoline, ordinary people can also complete the professional dunk action of NBA players on it.
  • Dodge ball zone: It is a game to practice the team cooperation and coordination skills.
  • Climbing Wall: There is a professional climbing wall above the sponge pool. Thus, it can challenge players’ climbing ability.
  • Warriors Zone: It is suitable for a majority of youngsters. This project can challenge the fitness limits of individuals.
Big Trampoline Park with Many Enclosures in Dinis
Big Trampoline Park with Many Enclosures Favored by Kids and Youths

How much does it cost to build an indoor trampoline park?

In order to build an indoor trampoline playground, the first you need to have is the venue.

For the rent of trampoline venues, it depends on the actual conditions. Generally, the prosperous cities are much more expensive than others; the remote locations are relatively cheaper.

The next is the decoration of the trampoline playground. The simple decoration is cheaper than the fine decoration. Generally, the trampoline park shall be colorful and unique to attract more visitors.

The most important is the indoor trampoline rides. The large trampoline rides are more expensive. If your trampoline park is mainly for kids, you can select some small amusement trampoline rides. Besides, in the selection of trampoline rides, you shall buy different kinds of rides to enrich the park. The specific costs depend on the number and kinds of indoor trampoline rides you buy.

Trampoline installation cost is also high. But if you find a great trampoline ride seller like Dinis, maybe the equipment price is appealing.

Children's Trampoline Playground Available in Dinis
Children’s Trampoline Indoor Playground with Colorful Contents Available to Be Purchased in Dinis

How much money does a trampoline park make ?

The investment in the trampoline theme park is very profitable. This is the reason why more investors want to buy kids indoor trampoline for sale. Generally speaking, a 1000 square meter trampoline theme park has an annual turnover of between 3 million and 4 million. Of course, the digital is different in different cities and countries. But undoubtedly, the trampoline playground business is a profitable deal. Moreover, if you don’t want to operate the trampoline park, you can rent the trampoline rides to earn money. The trampoline equipment rental is quite popular in shopping malls, parties, carnival and fairs.

Trampoline Park for Adults and Kids to Have Fun
Buy Cheapest Trampoline Park for Business for Adults and Kids to Have Fun!

How would you start a trampoline park business?

The trampoline playground is a promising entertainment project, but in any case, the investment in trampoline amusement has certain risks.

Therefore, how to reduce risks is the primary problem that investors need to solve. If you want to start a successful amusement trampoline business, you shall notice the following points:

  • Venue rent. The rent cost accounts for a large proportion of the operation of the entire trampoline park. Thus, you shall try to choose a place with low rent and property cost, but the place shall have great passenger flow volume. The suitable places are shopping malls, hotels, resorts, past badminton gym, etc.
  • Venue height. For children’s venues, the net height needs to reach 4-4.5m; for adults, the site shall reach more than 6m. We recommend a site with a net height of 5.5m or more. Thus, there is no age restrictions. And it is also easier to choose trampoline park rides.
  • Trampoline rides. The rides you select shall be suitable for the target customers. In a standard trampoline playground, there are several typical zones, including free bouncing area, sponge pool area, climbing wall, basketball zone, etc. You can investigate the market and determine the trampoline rides.
  • Trampoline promotion. After creating the trampoline park, you shall also pay attention to the trampoline playground promotion through social media or other channels.

If you accomplish the above points carefully, you will make great profits by operating an amusement trampoline park.

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