Buy Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale from Dinis

The bumper car amusement is a popular and classic amusement park ride to make collisions. People also call amusement bumper cars dodgems and dodgem cars. You can easily find amusement bumper cars in amusement parks, theme parks, parks, shopping malls and parties. Moreover, people queue up to take fairground dodgems rides in carnivals and fairs. Sometimes, the amusement park bumper car operators can earn lots of money in a day. Thus, an increasing number of investors want to buy amusement park bumper cars for sale to make profits.

Ice Bumper Car for Sale in Winter Parks
Ice Bumper Car for Sale in Winter Parks

How do amusement bumper cars in amusement parks work?

For the amusement park car rides, the rule is that drivers strive to complete the circle in the field at the fastest speed. On the way, they can crash the opponent’s cars. When the time is over, the dodgem bumper car operator will turn off the power and the game will end. The dodgem bumper car operator can set the time. Moreover, a remote control can complete the system setting. The remote control can control dozens of funfair bumper cars in the field. The speed of an amusement bumper car is usually very slow. Thus, even a collision will not harm people and cars.

An amusement park bumper car can hold two people. Generally, parents would take their kids on the vintage dodgem cars. Thus, bumper cars in amusement parks are fun family ride cars.

Customized grid  amusement bumper cars for Azerbaijan park business
Customized grid amusement bumper cars for Azerbaijan park business

Classification of amusement park bumper cars for sale

According to the structure, design and supporting facilities of the bumper car, the amusement park cars for sale consist of three types: the sky-net bumper cars, the ground grid bumper cars and battery bumper cars. Currently, the main popular ones are the ground grid cars and the battery bumper cars.

The sky-net bumper car is a kind of amusement bumper cars with a wire that hangs behind a car. The power grid is on the ceiling, but this type is now very rare.

The power grid bumper cars require a special floor for power supply. Generally, there is 20 square meters of active area between two bumper cars in an amusement park.

The battery bumper cars have low requirements on the field. Instead, a flat venue is enough to have fun.

Advantages and disadvantage of the three types of amusement park bumper cars for sale

The oldest sky-net bumper car appeared earliest in the history. It inspired many new amusement dodgem bumper cars for sale. But the sky-net bumper cars require complex field conditions. The conductive plate is inconvenient for decoration. Besides, the working voltage is 90-volt. It is quite high. Thus, the merchants using this kind of bumper car are becoming fewer.

Next the ground grid bumper car is the protagonist among dodgems for sale. It only requires a special floor and the positive and negative poles are both on the floor. The working voltage is 48V, so this kind of bumper car amusement park is safer. Moreover, the ride speed is fast enough and the impact is strong. Thus, it is very exciting for young people. There is even “drift bumper cars” currently in the market. However, it requires a fixed site and too many accessory parts. Thus, the investment risks are higher for investors.

The battery bumper cars are new dodgem bumper cars amusement, which are suitable for any places. They don’t need a special floor or special control cabinet. Thus, compared to ground grid bumper cars, the electronic kids amusement park ride bumper cars for sale save the costs on the floor and control cabinet. Besides, the size of battery bumper car is small and the speed is slow. Therefore, the rides are kids dodgem cars. And the bumper cars are convenient and portable rides to move. Especially in summer vacation, it is the peak time of battery bumper cars, as well as the great investment period.


Amusement Park Kids Bumper Car for Sale
Indoor Kids Cute Commercial Bumper Cars Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Dinis

Buy amusement park bumper cars for sale from Dinis

Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional factory of dodgem ride for sale. We provide children’s bumper cars, drift bumper cars and other bumper cars. The company has exported various amusement bumper cars for sale to all over the world. In terms of materials, Dinis adopts integrated seamless FRP materials, which are durable; for technology, it has advanced technology and fine workmanship; in the appearance, Dinis can provide customized services in colors, appearance and lights according to your demands; in the respect of safety, the fairground dodgems for sale in Dinis have power off protection device to guarantee the safety of players. Thus, you can buy bumper cars amusement park from Dinis without any worry. What’s more, there is Christmas discount on amusement dodgem cars for sale in Dinis!

Electric Amusement Dodgem Car for Sale in Dinis for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks
Electric Vintage Amusement Dodgem Car for Sale in Dinis for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Amusement park bumper cars for sale that you can buy from Dinis

As a professional bumper cars amusement manufacturer, Dinis sells various kinds of amusement bumper cars for sale.

Inflatable bumper boats for sale for amusement parks in Dinis

The inflatable amusement bumper car is an exciting equipment with the surrounding materials in all directions. The inflatable PVC material will absorb much crashing energy. Thus, you will feel safe but exciting and relaxing. The inflatable bumper cars don’t need a special floor or ceiling. Thus, it is a quite cheap park ride. Currently, you can find the rides in amusement parks, funfairs, playgrounds, supermarkets and shopping malls.

The commercial electric bumper boats ride is a common water park amusement facility in water parks and aqua parks. The appearance material of the bumper boats is FRP material. The boat body adopts the double-layer design structure. In structure, it consists of the glass fiber-reinforced plastic and pneumatic tire. The latest dodgem boat rides manufactured by Dinis even have the ball spraying function.

New Inflatable Dodgem Bumper Cars Amusement Rides for Aqua Parks and Water Parks Sold in Dinis
New Inflatable Dodgem Bumper Cars Amusement Rides for Aqua Parks and Water Parks Sold in Dinis

Vintage amusement bumper cars for sale in Dinis

The vintage amusement bumper car ride is a popular bumper car ride for sale in Dinis. It uses rear axle drive, with low failure rate and easy maintenance. Thus, it can greatly solve the malfunction rate. The antique bumper cars for sale have bright colors and great entertainment way. Besides, it is durable and safe. If you buy antique amusement park bumper car for sale, you can use them in kids playgrounds, shopping mall, amusement parks, supermarkets, fairgrounds, carnivals and fairs etc.

Hot Sale Ice Battery Bumper Car for Amusement Parks and Recreation Center
Hot Sale Ice Battery Bumper Car for Amusement Parks and Recreation Center

Racing park bumper cars for sale in Dinis

Racing amusement park bumper car is a new dodgem bumper cars amusement. Dinis develops and manufactures this kind of amusement bumper cars. The ride always has accelerating pedals and steering wheel. It is a children’s play park equipment. Kids always love its beautiful appearance and exciting experience brought by it.

Racing Park Bumper Cars for Sale in Dinis
Hot Sale Racing Park Bumper Cars Developed by Dinis for Entertainment

Mini children’s coin operated bumper cars for sale manufactured in Dinis

The mini coin battery bumper cars amusement ride is also popular nowadays in parks, squares, shopping malls, supermarkets, and even stores. Generally, the coin operated rides are small rides especially for kids at little ages. When you insert a coin in the equipment, it will move like the real car. The cost is low, so passengers are willing to take this ride. Thus, the mobile ride is a great investment for your business. Besides, in Dinis factory, the large shopping mall bumper car rides can also add the coin inserting function. If you have any requirement for the model, appearance and size, we will customize the amusement park bumper car until we meet your needs.

Mini Children's Coin Operated Bumper Cars for Sale for Parks, Squares and Stores
Mini Thomas Children’s Coin Operated Bumper Cars for Sale for Parks, Squares, Stores and Shopping Malls

Top 3 elements you shall consider while purchasing amusement park bumper cars for sale

When you buy fairground dodgems for sale, you shall consider the following three elements.

  1. Outer glass fiber reinforced plastic. Currently, the FRP is thin. Although the collision process will not basically influence the shell, you shall still purchase the amusement bumper cars with thick shells. Only the materials can be durable.
  2. A good motor is the soul of amusement bumper cars. If the motor is still running while the bumper car crashes the wall, it will result in burn-in. Qualified amusement park bumper car motors will automatically stop running for automatic protection.
  3. You shall carry out field investigations on the amusement dodgem car manufacturers to check the welding and internal structure.

If you are clear about the above three points, you will select the first-class commercial bumper cars for your amusement parks.

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