What Do You Know about Amusement Park Carousel Rides?

Amusement park carousel is a classic entertainment ride and it enjoys great popularity all over the world. People also call it merry go round and roundabout. It is a type of spinning amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. Now the ride occupies an irreplaceable position in the theme park ride industry. Currently, you can easily find recreation park carousel in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, family fun centers, early childhood centers, etc. And speaking of amusement park rides, the first that comes to people’s minds is always carousel horse ride.

Various Amusement Park Carousel Rides Available in Dinis
Various Amusement Park Vintage Carousel Rides Available in Dinis

Dinis Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer of amusement park horse carousel. The company is a self-manufacturing and self-marketing company. It can provide various kinds of amusement park carousel for sale, such as kids park carousel rides, fairground carousel sale, carnival carousel for sale, antique park carousel for sale, etc. Moreover, the fairground carousel for sale in Dinis has strong performance and affordable prices. Besides, customers can customize the appearance and size of carousel rides according to their own needs. Thus, buy carousel horse for sale cheap from Dinis.

Amusement park carousel for sale in Dinis

Theme park carousel has been one of the most magical and attractive rides for both kids and adults. The seats are traditional in the form of horses. But horses are not the only friends. The park carousel sale in Dinis can be in the form of rhinos, tigers, and other animals. Thus, you can choose your favorite animals and appearance.

Another classification basis of play park ride merry go round for sale in Dinis is the seats. There are 3, 6, 12, 16, 24 and 36-seat public park merry go round for sale available in Dinis.

Different Animals of Merry Go Round for You to Choose
Low Costs of Building A Small Merry Go Round Park Ride Manufactured by Dinis Plant

Amusement park antique carousel horse for sale

Amusement park antique carousel ride is a classic amusement park ride. It consists of a rotating circular platform with seats for kids. In Dinis, there is special Longines carousel ride. The ride belongs to antique merry go round animal rides. Its appearance is from the brand Longines. It is suitable in amusement parks, playgrounds, shopping centers and family entertainment centers.

Amusement Park Antique Longines Carousel Ride for Sale
Amusement Park Antique Longines Carousel Merry Go Round Horses Placed in Shopping Malls to Attract Customers

Theme park mini merry go round carousel for sale

There are various kinds of mini merry go round carousel rides, such as ocean merry go round, etc. Since the mini carousel rides are for kids, the rides in Dinis always have interesting appearance and beautiful music. The mini fairground equipment carousel rides have generally 3 or 6 seats. It only requires a small area, but it can appeal kids and bring great returns.

Theme Park Mini Merry Go Round Carousel for Sale
Popular Theme Park Mini Fairground Carousel Sale for Carnivals Produced by Dinis

Portable park carousel ride for sale

Among festivals and carnivals amusement rides, people always queue up to take carousel rides. Thus, many carousel rides appear in the general parks or roadside. In Dinis, there is a kind of carousel ride in a car with wheels. Thus, it can be moving. The ride is quite also convenient for transportation.

Portable Park Carousel Ride for Sale
Portable/Moving Park Carousel Rides for Sale for Carnivals and Fairs

Coin operated park carousel for sale

Coin operated park carousel is generally for kids. Riders just need to insert a coin and then the coin operated carousel will start. The cost is low and the site requirement is low. Thus, you can start your business about coin operated park merry go round at supermarkets, parks, shopping malls, roadsides and even stores. It is a stable and mobile investment project.

Coin Operated Park Carousel for Sale
Mini Kids Coin Operated Park Carousel for Sale for Backyards, Stores, Indoor Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Playgrounds, Fairgrounds, etc.

Features of Dinis amusement park carousel sale

  • 3, 6, 12, 16, 24 and 36 seats available;
  • Vivid and lovely appearance, LED lights and beautiful music;
  • Customized size and seat animals according to your specific requirements;
  • Environment-friendly and anti-corrosion FRP materials;
  • Stainless steel materials for handrails;
  • Professional painting technique under dust-free and constant temperature environment;
  • Application: amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, resorts, parks, carnivals, etc.
    High-quality Park Carousel Horses for Sale in Dinis
    High-quality Park Carousel Roundabout Horses for Sale Cheap in Dinis

How much is an amusement park carousel?

Many customers consult us the price of a carousel ride, Actually, we couldn’t give you the certain answer unless we know your specific requirements. Many details will influence the costs of the playground carousel for sale you choose.

  • Seat. You can select the 8-seat, 10-seat, 12-seat, 16-seat, 24-seat and 36-seat fairground carousel according to the site conditions. Of course, the larger merry go round rides always cost more.
  • Decoration degree. There are simple carousel, medium carousel and luxury carousel rides. The luxury carousel could quickly attract people’s attention.
  • Transmission mode. There are three types of transmission mode, including upper transmission, simulation upper transmission and lower transmission. For the upper transmission, the process is complex, so this kind of carousel equipment will not go wrong easily, thus the price is higher.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. If the equipment is for indoor use, the materials can be slightly moderate. Comparatively, for outdoor need, the painting shall be automotive paint. Then the painting can be anti-wear, anti-sun and anti-corrosion. Generally, the outdoor carousel equipment shall have more durable materials and higher prices.

If you buy a carousel, you must fix the site according to your actual situation. Thus, choose the most suitable playground carousel ride!

Buy Carousel Horse Amusement Rides for Sale at Low Costs
Buy Ocean Carousel Horse Amusement Rides for Sale at Low Costs

Working principle of amusement park carousel

The carousel playground amusement game has a large platform with a wooden horse and it moves up and down for tourists to ride. Its working principle is power machinery principle. The power machinery is a mechanical device that converts energy in nature into mechanical energy. The amusement park carousel ride in Dinis can rotate and move up and down simultaneously.

What is the meaning of merry go round in park?

Many people think that the carousel ride is a happy and romantic game. In fact, the meaning of the carousel is chasing and waiting. The person sitting on the horse can only see the back of the other one. The story makes people upset and heartbreaking. Then due to its beautiful appearance and interesting entertainment mode, people endow the fun park ride carousel a new meaning. It also represents the wishes and expectations of the modern people.

Amusement Fun Carousel Ride for Sale
Dinis, China Manufacturer of Amusement Park Horse Carousel for Sale in the Market

Values of amusement park carousel rides

Although carousel amusement ride is just a simple game, it seems to satisfy different kinds of people in a few minutes. What’s the magic?

Memory-carrying site

In the childhood of most people, the ride on carousel is rare. The European-style appearance, vivid and lovely horses and sweet music all attract them. They may use the pocket money given by their mothers to take the holy merry go round. Sitting on the long-awaited carousel is a great enjoyment for them. Maybe people are not so crazy about the roundabout fair carousel like as they were. But the theme park carousel has become a memory-carrying site. When they want to reminisce about the past or share past things with others, most of them will choose to come to carousel parks or theme parks to take fun carousel rides.

Romantic spot

In fact, for many people, the park carnival carousel is far less stimulating and thrilling like as a roller coaster. However, a majority of girls have a special liking for the carousel horse among all the projects in fairground.

The reason is that park carousel represents romance. Thus, many lovers would like to take a ride on carousel to give good expectations on their love. They are willing to believe that the love will last forever if they ride a park merry go round.

Park Romantic Merry Go Round for Sale in Dinis
Romantic Recreation Park Animal Merry Go Round for Sale Cheap in Dinis

Family gathering place

The theme park carousel ride is safer and more stable than any other exciting amusement park rides. For this reason, parents love the ride very much. The ride is quite interesting and funny for kids. During the process, the distance between parents and children will narrow. Moreover, taking the fun park carousel ride is a rare memory for a family.

Where will the amusement park carousel go in the future?

Will the carousel ride industry decline and disappear in the market? It is a concern for many investors. Actually you shall never worry about the problem. We can clearly see the prospect of park playground carousel from the market coverage rate, including the popularity and market share. We will see the carousel rides easily in parks or playgrounds. Especially in large theme parks, such as Disneyland or Happy Valley, carousel rides are essential. Thus, the park carousel ride is a promising industry and buying carousel rides is an undoubted choice.

So what are you still waiting for? Do you want to buy amusement park carousel rides? If yes, welcome your inquiry!

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