What You Shall Know for Purchasing A Backyard Amusement Ride?

The backyard rides refer to small or mini play equipment. The backyard has limited space, so the backyard can only hold mini fun rides. And in general, the backyard amusement rides are for kids to have fun at home. Therefore, the kiddie funfair park ride is suitable for backyard use. From above, small backyard play equipment for kids, such as mini carousel, inflatable rides, mini trains, are appropriate for your backyard.

Amusement Backyard Trains
Amusement Backyard Trains

Types of backyard amusement park ride you can buy from Dinis

As a mature manufacturer of amusement park rides, Dinis has various backyard indoor playground rides for sale.

Backyard mini train for sale in Dinis

Trackless mini kids train ride is a kind of mini amusement train ride for backyard. Different from traditional trackless trains, it has exquisite design, simulator train sound, flashing lights and comfortable rides. Its gorgeous appearance could greatly attract children. On the ride, children will feel like riding on the actual train. Besides, Dinis has different models of mini train rides, such as vintage amusement train, Thomas ride train, etc.

Affordable Carnival Track Train Rides from Dinis
Affordable Carnival Track Train Rides from Dinis

Merry go round for backyard in Dinis

Another name of merry go round is carousel. It is a classic rotating theme park ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with horse-shaped seats for riders. Almost everyone loves this ride. Among various kinds of carousel, the 6 seat kids merry go round and children’s merry go round are appropriate for the backyard. The children’s merry go round manufacturer in Dinis only has three seats, so it doesn’t occupy much space. Besides, the forms of seats can not only be horses, but also be other animals, cars and flowers. Its interesting appearance, colorful LED lights and sweet music all are attractive points for children.

Get Backyard Mini Merry Go Round for Toddlers from Dinis in China
Get Backyard Mini Merry Go Round for Toddlers from Dinis in China


Backyard Merry Go Round for Sale

Cabin: 3 carriages
Capacity: 3 people/ passenger
Total Capacity: 6 passengers
Area Size: 1.5m*2m
Power: 800W
Voltage: 220V
Light: LED lights
Application: amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, resorts, parks and backyards

Trampoline bungee for sale in Dinis

Trampoline bungee is a kind of Dinis’s popular backyard equipment. People also call it kids bungee. It is not only a fun equipment, but also a sports ride. Children can jump in the high altitude of 4 meters and make movements arbitrarily. It is so safe that parents have no need to worry about the children’s safety. Instead, parents can pay attention to other things. For this reason, trampoline bungee installed at home is favorable for both children and parents.

Affordable Carnival Trampoline Bungee Rides You Can Buy for Your Backyard
Affordable Carnival Trampoline Bungee Rides You Can Buy for Your Backyard

Backyard kids ferris wheel for sale

Kids ferris wheel is a funfair ride that allows parents to play with their kids at home. Similar to the giant wheel in shape, it is different in size. The kids ferris wheel has colorful lights and exquisite design. Children riding on the equipment can enjoy the scenery from a height.

Besides, Dinis also has inflatable series that are appropriate for the backyard. The inflatable mobile equipment are cheap, because it is easy to carry and install. They are also safe to children. Thus, children can freely enjoy themselves with the inflatable series rides.

Small Backyard Playground Ferris Wheel for Children in Parks
Small Backyard Playground Ferris Wheel for Children in Parks

Advantages of backyard amusement rides in your backyard for kids

Owning a backyard funfair ride is beneficial for kids. The following are the advantages of small entertainment rides in your backyard.

Build up the body

Many children are fond of spinning play equipment, such as merry go round, etc. On these rides, the spinning process is favorable for kids’ skeletal and neural activities. In addition, the backyard funfair rides can help children to increase their coordination ability and sense of balance. For example, bungee trampoline is a good way to build up the body of riders.

Promote intellectual development

The backyard funfair rides can also promote children’s intellectual development. When kids ride a trackless train in the backyard, they shall know how to drive and how to keep away from walls and obstacles. During the process, kids can exercise their reaction sensitivity and practical competent.

Dinis Customized Amusement Park Carousel Rides for Spain Customers
Dinis Customized Amusement Park Carousel Rides for Spain Customers

Make kids to relax and feel better

While children take the backyard amusement rides, they can enjoy unprecedented fun experience that toys can’t bring. The kids fairground rides can relax them thoroughly. Besides, the rides can also assist children to expand their horizons and find the beauty of life.

Enhance the affection between parents and children

Currently, many parents are so busy at work that they don’t have time to play with their kids outside. The backyard amusement rides could exactly solve the problem. Without going out, parents can play with their children at home. In this way, the amusement rides in backyard can enhance the communication between parents and children and narrow the distance between the two.

Backyard Human Gyroscope Play Equipment for Large Yards in Dinis's Exhibition Hall
Backyard Human Gyroscope Play Equipment for Large Yards in Dinis’s Exhibition Hall

Where can you get backyard amusement rides?

Dinis Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer. It focuses on the research and development of funfair products. You can find that Dinis is a reliable entertainment equipment supplier from the following aspects.

High-quality materials

Dinis adopts fiber glass reinforced plastic and metal frames to produce the amusement ride products. In terms of painting, Dinis uses the paints especially for cars. Then, the factory bakes the paintings under constant temperature and dust-free environment. In this way, the paintings can be bright and lustrous for a long time.

Kids Backyard Playground Self-control Bee Rides in Dinis Factory
Kids Backyard Playground Self-control Bee Rides in Dinis Factory

Skillful and experienced workers

Dinis has many responsible and skillful workers. They have rich experience, superb craftsmanship and strong practical ability. At work, they could treat work meticulously and solve problems at first hand.

Reasonable prices

Dinis is a self-manufacturing and self-marking amusement park ride builder. Compared to the agents, the commission doesn’t exist. If you buy an amusement ride for your backyard from Dinis, you can buy the ride at factory prices. Moreover, Dinis can provide customized services as you required. Sometimes, there are additional services.

Mini Riding Train for Backyard on A Track for Toddlers 3 and over
Mini Riding Train for Backyard on A Track for Toddlers 3 and over

How much is it to buy a backyard amusement ride from Dinis

The prices of backyard funfair rides manufactured in Dinis are competitive. Then how much is it? Of course, the answer is uncertain. The price depends on the backyard amusement ride you select. The following elements could affect the price:

Size of backyard amusement rides

Generally speaking, the backyard amusement rides with small size are cheaper than those with large size.

Materials of backyard amusement rides

Materials determine the production costs. Dinis adopts the high-quality fiber glass material, so the prices will not be cheap. But compared to the backyard products that also use high-quality materials, the products produced by Dinis still have a price advantage.

Although the price is an important factor that affects the purchase, you shall not take it as the decisive element. After all, you get what you pay off. Thus, you shall take the quality and price into considerations simultaneously. In other words, the cost-performance ratio is the foremost.

Dinis Best Outdoor Backyard Playgrounds Trampoline Bungee
Dinis Best Outdoor Backyard Playgrounds Trampoline Bungee

Tips for purchasing an amusement ride for your backyard

Moreover, there are still many issues you shall consider for purchasing a funfair ride for your backyard.

  • Consider the size of your backyard. If the backyard is small, you shall select as mini fairground equipment as possible.
  • Think about the ages of kids that use the rides.
  • Think about how many children will use these rides? How many seats of backyard funfair rides you need?
  • Is the ground in your backyard plat or with grass?
  • Be clear about the budget and make selections within the budget.

To sum up, backyard amusement park rides can bring children unprecedented fun experience. Are you looking for backyard fun rides? Please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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