Why the Ferris Wheel for Kids Is A Large Attraction for Children?

Ferris wheel ride is a quite popular amusement ride in amusement parks and theme parks. Some people even call it and the other two fun fair rides, carousel horse and roller coaster as “the three giant amusement park equipment”. To a certain extent, the existence of big wheel represents the modern structure and configuration of entertainment playgrounds. Generally, the ferris wheel ride enjoys wide popularity. Among various kinds of amusement wheel rides, some of them are specially for kids. The ferris wheel for kids is more suitable for children in terms of height, speed and appearance. Thus, the children’s ferris wheel is also a good investment project for investors.

Buy A Full Size High-quality and Appealing Children's Ferris Wheel for Theme Parks
Buy A Full Size High-quality and Appealing Children’s Ferris Wheel for Theme Parks

History and meaning of ferris wheel carnival ride

George Washington invented the earliest ferris wheel amusement ride in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Later, more and more people created the largest and the highest wheel in the world. Besides, the performance and function of wheel rides have also developed.

In modern society, the ferris wheel always links to love and happiness. Quoting a sentence in “Honey and Clover”, “the ferris wheel exists for getting across the sky with people you like. The ferris wheel is a fun fair ride for families, friends, as well as lovers. Lovers date on the ride most of the times, because people regard it as the most romantic amusement ride. When people take this wheel ride and reach the highest point, it seems that everything is the best arrangement. The happiness of the ferris wheel is as high as the sky. It could bring players the slow, quiet and stable happiness.

Besides, parents are also willing to take their kids on the kids ferris wheel to create new memories.

Ferris Wheel Carnival Ride for Sale
Carnival Ride for Sale Ferris Wheel for Children Age 3 to 5 from Dinis Manufacturer

Why the ferris wheel for kids is a large attraction for children?

You can easily find ferris wheel in any amusement parks or playgrounds. But have you noticed that kids also love the ride very much? Do you know why? The following are the appealing points of the equipment for children.

Certain thrill feelings

No matter for adults and kids, the exciting park ride is a great attraction. But children can’t take the extreme thrill rides in accordance with the guidelines. The kids giant wheel is an exciting but not thrill ride compared with other children’s park rides. Thus, the ride can satisfy the basic entertainment demands.

Machine Test of Mini Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale Kids Manufactured by Dinis Plant
Machine Test of Mini Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale Kids Manufactured by Dinis Plant

Great Appearance

Children always love the exquisite design and colorful appearance. For the mini equipment children big wheel rides for kids, the children’s ferris wheel for sale have bright colors and beautiful appearance. Besides, many mini wheel kids ride for sale has a theme, which can also draw kids’ attention. Especially in carnivals and fairs, the kids friendly appearance can catch the eyes of children in an instant.

View appreciation

Compared with other kids playground rides, big wheels for kids have another highlight. It is that players on the ride can enjoy the scenery from a height. And unlike other highest rides, such as roller coaster, pendulum ride, etc., the speed is slow. Thus, riders could fully appreciate the views with a relaxing mind.

How does kids giant wheel work?

The full size ferris wheel for kids is a kinds of rotating amusement ride. It consists of a spinning wheel and passenger-carrying components (referred to as cabins, passenger cars, gondolas, etc.). The motor transforms the the high speed and low torque to the high torque and low speed. For the modern ferris wheel rides, there is an independent electric motor outside each cabin. Thus, each cabin can be upright all the time. People also call the ferris wheel as observation wheel.

Manual Kids Miniature Ferris Wheel Made by Dinis for An American Customer
Manual Kids Miniature Ferris Wheel Made by Dinis for An American Customer

Application of big wheel amusement for kids

Generally speaking, the little kids ferris wheel only occupies a small area. Thus, if you want to place a kids ferris wheel, the site requirement is low. You can choose the amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, fairgrounds, family fun centers, shopping malls, carnivals and fairs, streets, squares, etc.

Where could you buy a ferris wheel for kids?

Dinis Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is the top ferris wheel amusement ride manufacturer in China. As a professional amusement ride supplier, Dinis has a professional designer and worker team. Our company concentrates on the design, production and marketing of miniature ferris wheel children. It has many models of carnival ferris wheel rides for sale for children age 3 to 5 and kids over 5-year-old.

Mini Colorful Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides for Kids in Dinis's Warehouse
Mini Colorful Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides for Kids in Dinis’s Warehouse

Ferris wheel ride for sale kids in Dinis

In Dinis, there are mainly two types of ferris wheel ride for sale for kids. For different requirements, you can choose the appropriate type of little kids ferris wheel.

12-person ferris wheel for kids in Dinis

This kind of mini ferris wheel is a new type of amusement ride. The ride in Dinis has beautiful appearance and colorful lights to attract the kids. In the operation, the children’s ferris wheel cars keeps upright by gravity. Kids can enjoy the great view for the surrounding. This kind of ferris wheel for kids have six cabins and each cabin could hold 2 people. And the height is low and the speed is low. But for the kids age 3 to 5, it is exciting enough. Thus, the equipment can exercise their courage and perception.

12-person Ferris Wheel for Kids in Dinis
Production Process of 12-person Ferris Wheel for Kids out of Steel Pipe in Dinis

24-peson kids giant wheel for sale in Dinis

Compared with the mini ferris wheel rides for small children, the giant wheel for sale in Dinis could hold 24 people. But the height is nearly the same. The miniature ferris wheel for children is double face and each face has six cabins. It is a modern style and reliable fairground ride. Currently, the equipment is common in parks, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, shopping malls, etc.

24-peson Kids Giant Wheel for Sale in Dinis
24-person Kids Giant Double-face Ferris Wheel for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Features of children’s ferris wheel for sale in Dinis factory

The hot sale ferris wheel for kids in Dinis has the following characteristics. For the features, you can buy a ferris wheel for small children from Dinis without worry.

  • High-quality steel materials. Dinis manufacturer adopts the quality FRP materials and steel frames to produce mini wheel ride. In the way, the children’s safety can get safeguard. And the operators could use it for a long time, which means great returns.
  • Appealing appearance. The ferris wheel for kids in Dinis have colorful paintings and the interesting images favored by children. Besides, the special theme is also fascinating for kids.
  • Appropriate height and speed. The children’s ferris wheel for sale is low in height as well as the speed. Thus, players will be relaxing and exciting but not thrilling.
  • Great returns. The carnival amusement ferris wheel rides for sale are very popular among kids. Thus, it can attract many customers quickly. The costs of amusement wheel ride are low and the equipment has large capacity. Then the operators could make great money through the ride in a short period of time.
  • Before-sales and after-sales team. As a professional ferris wheel ride supplier, Dinis provides all-round services, including the pre-purchase consultation, site plan, selection suggestions, equipment installation, transportation and after-sales maintenance. Thus, Buy a a full size kids ferris wheel from Dinis!

Do you wan to buy a ferris wheel for kids in your parks? Dinis amusement ride manufacturer could satisfy all your demands.

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