How to Buy Park Water Amusement Park Equipment?

With the constant improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the spiritual joyfulness rather than the pure foods and clothes. And amusement park ride is an increasingly popular spiritual enjoyment mode. Most of people choose to go to theme parks to take entertainment equipment to have fun. Among various amusement park facilities, water park equipment is an indispensable part. It is especially attractive for both adults and kids in summer.

Now the summer will come soon. Thus, it is the best time to invest in water entertainment equipment. In order to prevent fierce competition, many investors compete to buy water theme park equipment in advance.

Water Park Play Bumper Car for Sale in Jinshan
Jinshan Public Park Kids Water Park Play Equipment Hot Sale in Aqua Parks and Water Parks

Analysis on the investment of water park play equipment

The investors that have seized the opportunity of water park equipment market vacancy has earned a lot. Through analysis, it is the following advantages that makes the high yield of the investment in aqua park equipment.

Irreplaceable seasonal characteristic

People have a yearning for water in nature. Thus, there are many fun fair amusement games and sports on water, such as swimming. In the water, players can have the feelings that you’ll never have on the land. Moreover, this phenomenon is the most prominent in summer. During hot summer, the water and amusement parks may even be the only choice for both kids and adults.

Customer Feedback of Inflatable Aqua Park Ride for Sale Manufactured by Jinshan
Customer Feedback of Inflatable Aqua Park Ride for Sale Manufactured by Jinshan

Great customer group

Generally in water and theme parks, there are various kinds of children’s water fun park equipment. You can easily find many kids and parents on the water park rides, like inflatable water equipment. Kids can fully enjoy themselves and parents don’t need to worry about their safety too much. Besides, amusement park water rides are also attractive for young and elder people. The rides are not thrilling but relaxing.

Low site requirement

In term of water park site, compared with large-scale amusement projects, the water fun park equipment has low requirements on the size of site. But the selection shall be careful if you operate water amusement park equipment. The venue shall be the places with high volume rate, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, early childhood education centers, family fun centers, youth palace, parent-child clubs, parks, playgrounds, etc.

Low-cost advantage

Most of amusement park water rides are mobile amusement rides. Especially the inflatable water park rides for sale are easy to dismantle, move and transport. Due to the different materials and low production costs, investors can buy water park equipment at low prices. Therefore, you can start the aqua park business easily.


Theme Park Water Equipment for Sale in Jinshan
Buy Children’s Self-control Shark Play Park Equipment at Appealing Prices from Jinshan Factory

Buy theme park water equipment for sale in Jinshan

Jinshan Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier for the water park equipment in China. Jinshan has produced and sold various kinds of water rides for sale to South America, North America, Africa, Asia and all over the world. The customers mainly use theme park water park rides in parks, playgrounds, funfairs, kindergartens, shopping malls, fairgrounds, carnivals.

There are also many people who buy water rides for rent to make money. They all earn great revenues.

Jinshan adopts high-quality, high-strength, and water-proof PVC materials to produce water theme park rides for sale. Besides, the company can provide customized services according to your specific requirements. In addition, Jinshan treats customers as God. Whatever you need, the aqua park equipment manufacturer will offer help for you.

To sum up, among water park equipment manufacturers in China, Jinshan is the optimal choice.

What kinds of water theme park equipment for sale are present in Jinshan?

In Jinshan commercial water park equipment supplier, there are mainly three kinds of water park equipment for sale.

Park Water Bumper Car for Sale in Jinshan
Children Outdoor Playground Inflatable Bumper Car Park Ride on the Water in Parks

Park water bumper car for sale in Jinshan

Water bumper car is also bumper boat. It is an inflatable bumper car classic amusement park ride. On the ride, people drive a car in a pool and make collisions to have fun. Each water bumper car can hold one or two people. Currently, you can always find classic water bumper car ride in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals and fairs. The water bumper car attraction in Jinshan is high-quality but at lower prices.

Inflatable water park attractions for sale

Inflatable water park attraction occupies a great position in aqua parks and amusement parks. Kids and parents always love the inflatable water rides. On the rides, children can enjoy themselves fully and play with others. In Jinshan, the inflatable water park rides always has beautiful appearance and interesting images, such as the inflatable octopus castle. In addition, Jinshan can customize the inflatable castle appearance in accordance with your personal demands. Due to the materials, the inflatable water park rides are cheap.

Inflatable Water Park Attractions for Sale in Jinshan
Customer Feedback of Jinshan Inflatable Water Fun Play Park Machines Product Used in United States

Hot sale water inflatable castle slide for aqua parks

The inflatable bouncy castle and slide always appear in water parks and aqua parks. It has become the most popular and classic amusement park equipment in parks. The unique design of the water park slides allow players to have completely new experience. The structure of the indoor inflatable bouncy castle manufactured by Jinshan is safe and durable. Besides, the exquisite design and bright color could greatly add the attraction of the water park slides. Especially kids could fall in love with the equipment quickly. Through the ride, players will enjoy great fun in water parks especially during summer.

Hot Sale Water Inflatable Castle Slide for Aqua Parks
Hot Sale Water Inflatable Castle Slide for Aqua Parks Just Made by Jinshan

Aqua park carps jumping for sale in Jinshan

Carps jumping is a new amusement park equipment for kids. The ride inspiration is from the fairy tale. It is a carp model with the surroundings of fish, frog and other animal models. Kids always fall in love the bright colors, cute images and beautiful music. There are two hydraulic guns on each ride. Riders can press the button to spray water. It is quite interesting.

Aqua Park Carps Jumping for Sale
Aqua Park Carps Jumping among Worthy Park Playground Equipment for Sale in Jinshan

Low water park equipment prices in Jinshan

Compared with the same wholesale water park equipment supplier, Jinshan sells the aqua park rides for sale in low prices. Jinshan adheres to the “mutual benefit” philosophy. Thus, aqua park equipment are at factory prices. Moreover, the low price may include some free services, including installment, etc. Thus, buying water park rides from Jinshan is a good deal.

How to buy park water amusement park equipment?

The more people invest in the water park rides, the greater the industry competition is and the more minefields of investment are. In order to avoid these minefields and achieve long-term profitability, you can obey the following order.

Choose the site carefully

You shall not simply and blindly imitate and apply the model of others. For the site of commercial water park equipment, consider traffic flow, land price, government policy, surrounding environment, citizen needs, peer competition, etc. Besides, you can give preference to the blank market, because it always has great market potential.

Park Water Amusement Park Disney Castle
Classic Amusement Park Disney Inflatable Castle Placed outside the Residential District and Squares

Select appropriate water park equipment

  • Good quality. The quality products can guarantee that the business will always be in good operation. The water theme park rides in Jinshan are water proof and anti-corrosion. You can never worry about the quality problems.
  • New models. Nowadays, the water park products on the market are diverse in style and rich in variety. The water park rides that fit in venue environment can attract more tourists. Jinshan can customize water amusement park equipment to make them more suitable for your venue conditions.
  • High cost-performance ratio. There is always a misunderstanding that the more expensive the equipment is, the better it is. However, it is far away from the fact. Instead, you shall consider the values, services and prices together.

Make decisions and buy water park rides

After selecting the appropriate equipment, you can carry out a field investigation on the water park equipment manufacturer’s factory.
But you shall be clear that it is just the beginning of everything. If you want to make great money, you shall also lay emphasis on the park promotion, planning, profit planning, and after-sales service.

Do you want water park equipment? Do you want to make money? Contact me now! Jinshan is waiting for your inquiry.

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